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In 1962, the Festival Board made a decision to start a collection of northwest artwork that would be a community asset used to promote the Festival mission. For 50 years the Permanent Collection has continued to grow and currently includes 67 pieces. Though the majority of the collection was acquired through purchase awards, it also includes fine art poster images and limited edition pieces used as awards in the early years.

While the bulk of the collection currently resides at the Festival office, in 2003 the Festival placed a large Max Benjamin piece at the new Anacortes Public Library, and plans are underway for additional pieces to rotate in the community. Thanks to the insight of early planners and participation of talented artists, today the collection is a legacy of northwest talent that includes the works listed below.

Interested in contributing funds to help with our Grants? The Festival is a 501(C)(3) organization – which makes donations tax deductible.

"John Lennon Chair" 2001 by Ries Niemi
“John Lennon Chair”
2001 by Ries Niemi
"Swamp" 1964 by Guy Anderson
“Swamp” 1964 by Guy Anderson
"Light and Trees" 1963 by Peter Jensen
“Light and Trees” 1963 by Peter Jensen
"Chicken" 1967 by Phillip Levine
“Chicken” 1967 by Phillip Levine

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