Arty Party features music, art, fun

There are still a few tickets left for our annual Arty Party on Saturday, April 15th.  The evening centers around lively Dueling Pianos,  Dueling Painters (Jennifer Bowman & Terry MacDonald),  food truck offerings, beverages and fun!   A special highlight is our Mini-Masterpiece sale of over 100 pieces created by local artists to benefit youth arts education. These 5×7 and 3×4 canvases will be sold anonymously for $50 and $25. Choose the image you love and walk away with an original work by some of Anacortes’ most well-known artists. The best thing about the evening is that we are raising funds to support the Cultural Arts Program for the Anacortes School District. Tickets are $100 each and also include a Golden Ticket for one of the two paintings created during the evening.

Ticket Info

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