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The Festival invites the public to see artists in action in the Working Studios Area north of the food court. The area will be active all 3 days of the Festival from 10 – 4. Working Studios features an inspiring group of artists demonstrating a variety of traditional and contemporary art forms.  This year’s lineup has several participatory activities, a public art project and the ever popular steamroller block printing.

Highlights include

Mandala Project – artist Bailey Cunningham will oversee the construction of an 8 x 8 foot mandala made from individual mandalas colored during the Festival

PIANO-cortes – this public art project involves artists painting pianos that will be placed throughout downtown Anacortes during the month of August

PipeDream – artist Gloria Lamson will assist visitors in creating a shared bent-line color weaving using pipe cleaners

Fabric Marbling – artist Marius Hibbard will be demonstrating the art of fabric marbling, allowing visitors to try their hand at this ancient art

2016 Tommy Thompson Mural

Natalie Niblack is creating the 2016 Festival Tommy Thompson Mural, the latest entry in the Mural Project.

Natalie Niblack is a visual artist working in a variety of media: drawing, oil painting, printmaking and ceramics. She lives 50 miles north of Seattle on the Skagit River.   Since 1996,  she has taught visual art at Shoreline Community College, where she is also the gallery director. She received her Master’s degree from Edinburgh College of Art in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Her current work may be viewed at

Steamroller Block Printing

Steamroller Block Printing
The popular Steamroller Block Printing Project is continuing!  Skagit artists Nicolette Harrington and Kathleen Kaulkner are coordinating a team of local artists creating large prints on silk.   Participating artists include:
Kathy Glowen
Jean Behnke
Nicolette Harrington
Stella Spring
Dee Doyle
KeKe Cribs
Twila Tate
Dave Kane
Brian Cypher
Natalie Niblack
Candice Reid
Patty Klamser
Karla Matzke
Chris Skinner
Ellen Michael
Kathleen Faulkner

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