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2016 Festival Awards of $3,500 honored outstanding quality, originality and display from our 270 Booth Artisans.

The Best of the Fest Award, sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank recognizes one artist with overall excellence. The Creativity Award is based on originality of work. The Community Partnership Award selects the artist whose character and artistic work represent the friendliness, creative energy and diversity of our community. Thanks to the Anacortes Chamber of Commerce.

$2,000 Best of the Fest

Kristy Lombard from Portland, OR has Ceramics. (Booth #315E)

Best of Fest 16
Kristy Lombard, center, was chosen by Meredith McIlmoyle, Festival Director, and Rita James, Creative Manager

$1,000 Creativity Award

Eleanor Pederson and Nan Gard of Brocante from Springfield, OR has unique jewelry. (Booth #401W)

Creativity Award 16

$500 Community Partnership Award

Pepe Moscoso of Blind Insect from Portland OR has hand-tinted photographs overlaid with vintage illustration or hand-drawings. (Booth #605W)

Chamber Award Moscoso
Stephanie Hamilton, Executive Director of the Anacortes Chamber of Commerce, and her staff presented the award.
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