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All locations are on Commercial Avenue from 3rd Street starting with 301 to number 908 near 10th Street at the south end. The first number represents the city block 3 – 9 and the last letter indicates West, Center or East side. Check the Information Booth for last minute changes.

Primary MediaLocationNameBusiness
Glass512EAdamson, Robert & Swalwell, JanisIsland Art Glass
Glass704WAhmad, SyedArt Fusion
Crafts for the Senses716EAkhtar, Heather & JohnSoap Block
Jewelry715EAkhtar, John & HeatherMopilo Inc
Jewelry806EAllen, MandyMandy Allen, Metal Arts
Food Products901EAllen, Thomas & Klimes, EthelCalifornia Balsamic
Jewelry505WAmputh, Pam & PeteForkedelic
Glass406EAnderson, BethMindzeye Fused Glass
Wearables, Leather311EAshton, LorenaLashton Designs
Jewelry413EAxelrod, Ande & Beaumont, CathyTreats Designs
Wearables, Leather416EBarker, PattiSurigirl
Wood, Gourds, Furniture815CBarnes, Michael & Gunton, MarieDaydream LLC
Glass317CBarnett, MichaelMichael K Originals
Jewelry421EBarry, TinaTina Barry Designs
Ceramics509CBauer, Carol & Hamsa, HowardStillfire Pottery
Jewelry810WBeem, Debbie & JimPeace Of The Earth Jewelry
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media801WBeier, MaryMetalworks Art
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media804EBelzetsky, Angela
Wood, Gourds, Furniture519WBengston, JeffreyBengston Woodworks
Wearables, Leather510EBihler, Michael & NancyClaret Wood Designs
Fiber415EBloom, Megan & WendyRainbow Orca Designs
Wood, Gourds, Furniture302WBotello, John & CharSun Chairs
Wood, Gourds, Furniture516WBoulding, PhilipMagical Strings
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media521CBowman, JenniferJennifer Bowman Studios
Food Products405WBrandenburg, ArdellWalden Lane Gourmet
Jewelry417WBrauner, MelanieVerso
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art602WBridges, Casey & DeborahSacred Stone
Jewelry711CBrockman, Sarah
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media316EBrown, CherylRock/Paper/Scissors
Ceramics307WBrown, Sandy
Jewelry907EBurgess, AmyForge And Fire
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art302CBurgess, StephaniePainted Peace
Fiber307EC' De Baca, SydneyChavah's Garden
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art503ECant, DennisMetal Art
Wearables, Leather409WCarpenter Eells, Phoebe & JonathanelSage Designs
Wood, Gourds, Furniture514CCarranza, Raul3d Wood Maps
Wearables, Leather907CCassell Thomas, BetsyIntertwined Designs
Wearables, Leather312ECernigoj, HelenaHelena Margareta/Fibertwists Studio
Wearables, Leather308WChaiprasert, PrapapunThai Dye
Jewelry611EChapin, Maria & BryanPearls by Nature
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media811ECoccia, SueEarthArt International
Wearables, Leather412EConcannon, CiaraKrinkly Batiks
Ceramics505EConrow, GinnyConrow Porcelain
Jewelry514WCooper, HeleneStudio9k
Jewelry601ECooper, JanaJana Cooper Jewelry
Ceramics319CCortright, Mark & LindaLiscom Hill Pottery
Wearables, Leather809CCrouchet, Marie & Oleson, JulieMA Graphics
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art820WCrowder, KevinRusty Stuff
Crafts for the Senses504ECurasi, Jason & Strickland, KimNeckease Pillows
Wearables, Leather606EDaileda, AmyVivid Element
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media410WDallas, AngelaArt'frica
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media506WDalton, SarahSimply Images
Ceramics814CDangler, Dian & TimFlippers Feathers Tails
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art315CDavenport, LucyBonsai Akira
Jewelry620EDean-Erlander, LisaLisa's Creations
Jewelry812WDecker, ChristyDecker Jewelry
Jewelry608WDegen, BeateEarth Worth Jewels
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media710CDeGraaf, BartonDeGraaf Fine Art
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art407CDelaney, Bob & MelanieBlackwaters Metal
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art820EDeutsch, CarolDragonfly Rocks
Jewelry509EDeyoe, ChristinaDesigns By Christina
Photography609EDobrowski, RonRon Dobrowski Photography
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media418WDollahite, Barbara & MatthewDollahite Studios
Photography518WDow, ErrolPhotography By Errol Dow
Jewelry720WDoyon, Jocelyne & Perreault, JacquesCA Brille
Food Products517CDuffey, MaggieA Taste Of Eden
Fiber808EDwiggins, MargeMarjorie Dwiggins Handworked Leather
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media906EDye, DonWildlife Images
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media601CEbner, JohnJohn Ebner Fine Arts
Glass315WEgenberger, LeslieLeslie Hand Painted Glass
Ceramics408EEldredge, LisaLisa Eldredge Ceramics
Photography520EEly, IanIan Ely Fine Art Photography
Wearables, Leather310CEspinal, AshleyAsh And Ember Co
Wood, Gourds, Furniture804CFaist, Rick & LouannThumb Fun Kalimbas
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media404WFarley, Corinne
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media410EFerrell, Jack & AJJack Ferrell Tile & Design
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media304EFirebaugh, MarisaStudio Firebaugh
Wearables, Leather815EFlood, NicoleFlood Clothing Llc
Wearables, Leather903CFlynn, GeriJeri-oh's
Wood, Gourds, Furniture417EFranchimon, Kate & Middleton, Erin
Ceramics516EFredenberg, ShellyShelly Fredenberg Studio
Ceramics711WFreeburg, Gene & BeverlySammamish Mudworks
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media403EGibbs, MaryMary Gibbs Watercolors
Wearables, Leather901CGilkerson, Andrew & KathleenAce Leather Goods
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art510WGladish, AndyElementFe
Food Products403WGoff, ChristineToast Toppers /Charmed Creations
Ceramics908EGosar, Frank & DeniseOff Center Ceramics
Wearables, Leather522EGreen, MichaelMichael Green Essential Design
Jewelry604EGrzadzielewski, Susan
Fiber619WGuth, CherylCuddly Critter Puppets
Jewelry310WHamill, Eron
Photography718CHanley, LijahLijah Hanley Photography
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media618EHardie, DarleneOnion Creek Studio
Painting, Drawing, Mixed MediaYouthHarris, Nolan & Tysseling, TeagueOver The Line Art
Fiber414CHartley, Nancy & Turner, DarleneBasket Cases
Jewelry608EHatkin Seely, AdrienneAutopilot Empires Jewelry
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art702EHayes, Kaitlin & Crowdus, JayElegant Garden Design
Glass310EHeilman, CharleneDesigns By Char
Crafts for the Senses306CHewgley, Erin
Ceramics809EHiginbotham, AlanAlan Higinbotham High-Fired Porcelain
Photography504WHirt, JoshTying Tribes
Jewelry308EHoffman, ShannonBeachcombers Artwork
Wearables, Leather708WHutchinson, KathyKathy Edelman Hutchinson Fibers
Fiber707CHyde, Jane & Tottenham, MarthaHyde & Reed
Ceramics605CJenkins, CynthiaCynthia Jenkins Pottery
Crafts for the Senses513WJess, GaryGary Jess Productions, Inc
Glass720CJohnson, John & DarleneDog and Pup Glass Studios
Jewelry304WJones, Ling-YenLing-Yen Designs
Fiber519CJourdan, Andre & PriscilaMD Provence
Fiber402CJulao, Arlyne & Richard
Wood, Gourds, Furniture506CKaase, PaulPK Design
Jewelry803EKallaway-Young, AllisonAllison Kallaway Jewelry
Jewelry801CKeese, CherieBad Bee Jewelry
Wood, Gourds, Furniture602EKellum, DavidDavid Kellum Furniture
Ceramics906CKimball, DianneDianne B Kimball
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media311WKinne, Ben & GregKinne Design
Jewelry707EKirsch, LoriVintage Jewel
Fiber307CKistner, Kathleen & RobFibrations Studio
Jewelry508WKlepper, HeidiKlepper Glass
Jewelry413WKlister, DarleneFireLight Designs
Wood, Gourds, Furniture609WKnott, BrentHarborwood Designs
Glass305EKomm, Carman
Wearables, Leather817WKriebel, PaulinaBrie Kriebel Clothing
Food Products702WKuper, Zach & Johnson, ShirleyGarlic Gourmay
Ceramics419ELaboon, MichaelPacific Art Tile
Wearables, Leather519ELangelier, KristenMy Urban Poncho
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art606CLangeliers, Eric & LyleLangeliers Sculptures
Food Products908WLansing, Ray & MonikPapa Ray's MarketPlace
Jewelry816ELarzelier, PatriciaMermaid's Tears
Wood, Gourds, Furniture313ELebenzon, TracyLebenzon Paintbrushes
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media415WLee, DesaraeDesarae Lee Illustration
Ceramics806WLee, ElizabethMadrugada Pottery
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media705ELeedy, JeffJeff Leedy Studios
Wearables, Leather615CLeiblein, Jessica & KevinPolar Babies
Fiber309WLeibrock, SandyBaskets from OZ
Jewelry304CLeonard, SarahCrawsister Jewelry
Food Products515WLineback, MikeFriday Harbor House Of Jerky
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media705CLink, Jesse
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art709WLitecky Yost, Jennah & Yost, PaulFiresmith Copper
Wearables, Leather610ELoeffler, MichaelHatterdashery
Ceramics315ELombard, Kristy
Crafts for the Senses813WLomonaco, KrysteenMehndi Madness
Wearables, Leather809WLough, Jan & Jim
Wearables, Leather714WLowery, DebbieStitchcrafter
Jewelry902WLuce, BriannaBluce Designs
Food Products309ELumsden, Brian & Tamar
Wearables, Leather521WLynch, Jessica & Rumpff, ArloSlow Loris Inc
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art507WMa, Johnny & AmyShasta Image
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media620CMacDonald, TerryTerry MacDonald Art
Crafts for the Senses802CMacLachlan, KarmaKarmela Botanica
Wearables, Leather802EMacleod, ErinErin Macleod
Jewelry704EMairs, Stacey
Jewelry407EMalancea, OleseaOlessya Handmade Jewelry Designs
Glass314WMankowski, SusanSue's Glass Gardens
Photography416CMann, Bryce & Lee MannLee And Bryce Mann Photography
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art805WManos, GarySteel Knight Designs
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art811WMast, Steven
Jewelry613WMathews, RogerMathews Gallery
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art614WMathews, RogerMathews Gallery
Ceramics712CMatsui, MarcMatsui Ceramics
Jewelry314CMattson, Brenda
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media606WMcCarthy, KimUrban Soule
Crafts for the Senses818EMcClelland, LaurieScentual Nature
Jewelry605WMcCormick, JulieJ McCormick Designs
Jewelry610CMcCoy, ZenaSemilla Designs
Photography603WMcCrain, Phil & JodyMcCrain Photography
Ceramics420CMcDougall, Jeff & NatalieCascadia Stoneware
Wearables, Leather414WMcDowell, MargotTidal Totes & Bags
Wearables, Leather701WMcKeag, NicholLodi and Lewi
Ceramics714CMcNeely, PaddyPaddy McNeely Porcelain
Fiber303WMedenica, MimiMimi's Batiks
Wearables, Leather404EMeldrich, Nancy
Photography317WMerchant, KevinKevin Merchant Photography
Jewelry411EMerzatta, Danielle & ChrisMerzatta
Wearables, Leather715CMikami, ShinoUzura
Wearables, Leather708EMöenig, BirgitBirgit Moenig Designs
Jewelry619CMontanaro, Carlos & Rivera, CrystalRewind
Crafts for the Senses817EMoore, Chi
Wearables, Leather320WMoore, MadelynSnowgoosesilkart
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art819CNapier, Jason & DanielleNapier Gallery & Studio
Ceramics615ENelson, David & MargaretNelson's Studio
Wood, Gourds, Furniture317ENelson, Jeffrey & Erstling, EricHudson River Inlay
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media402WNguyen, HungHung Nguyen Fine Art
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art501CNowicki, Steve & MaryannShock-N-Awe Metal Works
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art611CNymeyer, Jill & JoeBayside Treasures
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media503CNzalamba, Paul & Rubadiri, LungalaNzalamba Artwork
Glass421CO'neil, StanO'Neils Arts
Wearables, Leather319WOlietti, Jenna & Mcauliffe, FionaBelle Weather
Glass303EPalunas, JuliusPalunas Art Glass
Photography610WPark, Youngbok
Jewelry401WPederson, Eleanor & Gard, NanBrocante
Jewelry614EPonvert, AmandaInspiration Pt Designs
Photography807WQu, John & Kong, LeanneQk Photo
Jewelry709CRaney, Michele & Shannon, GloriaEnanimals
Wood, Gourds, Furniture420WRatchford, Thomas & Munther, MerrilyTom The Irishman
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media611WReed, DonaRainshadow Arts
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art718WReimnitz, GunterAbraxas Crow Company
Wearables, Leather812ERichman, Jo MarieRose~Marie Designs
Crafts for the Senses513CRisse, HeidiSoapworks Studio
Jewelry818CRoeder, SugathaIn Love With Pearls
Photography302ERubey, ScottScott Rubey Photography
Ceramics319ERubinstein, Hong & AdamOne Dream Design
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media616WSage, Michael & Clark, JohnSage Designs
Food Products712WSakuma, TristaFidalgo Fudge Kitchen
Jewelry510CSaucy, ElisaSaucy Jewelry
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media814EScharschmidt, SherryCatsDogsWords
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art305WSchlicker, BillParallax Gallery
Jewelry507ESchran-Collings, SabineSabine Schran-Collings Contemporary Jewelry
Glass618WSchultz, Mari & JanStems Vases
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media801ESeaton, CarlaCarla's Funky Art
Wearables, Leather805ESedlacek, Dan & Monahan, MalloryUphill Designs Co
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media712ESedlak-Ford, Lyn & RandySedlak-Ford
Ceramics719EShapiro, Deborah & Andre'Shapiro Porcelain
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media605ESharp, PamPrairie Skullpture
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media410CShreve, ChrisNormiehead
Wearables, Leather609CSilber, StaceyDo-Over Designs
Jewelry418ESilverman, Andrea
Wearables, Leather411CSimon Broberg, JulieMoss Bags
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media807CSloan, PaulArtwork By Paul Sloan
Wood, Gourds, Furniture309CSmiley, Sara & Sawyer, JasonSml
Jewelry503WSnyder, ThomasThomas Marion
Jewelry706WSomberg, Elfried & Herrick, SusanHang In There
Jewelry805CSpehar, Chaum & AprilNorthwest Goods
Photography412WSproul, KrisKris Sproul Photography
Ceramics903WStafford, Rick & Sperling, LauraRick Stafford Ceramic Design
Wood, Gourds, Furniture311CStarr, Thea & Bronleewe, John6 By 6 Arts
Jewelry617WStewart, LothlorienMostly Sweet Jewelry
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media819EStiles, Chris & JulieChris Stiles Art
Crafts for the Senses617CStolz, TerryTerry Stolz
Ceramics404CStroh, JodiNatural Accents
Wood, Gourds, Furniture619ESugrue, CamilleHerrnon Crafts
Crafts for the Senses413CTempleton, DavidDavid Templeton Music
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art613EThomas, RobertSunset Forge, LLC
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art814WThorson, LindaLinda Thorson Design
Jewelry514ETietze, ThomasArtisan Workshop
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art717ETrapp, BristonTrapp Industries
Ceramics312CTsuchiya, Clovy
Jewelry904ETucker, ThomasAnything Found
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art508ETurner, TroyNative Wine Rocks
Ceramics401ETutt, PatrickGourmet Potter
Jewelry701CVan Beek, MarleneBeaded Jewelry by Marlene Van Beek
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media702CVan Beek, RandyRandy Van Beek Fine Art
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art401CWard, Johnathan & JandellynWinfield Designs Home & Garden Art
Food Products707WWarren, Richard & Ferguson, CindyStarlight Herb and Spice Co.
Food Products716WWeber, Marilee & ChristoTrilby's BBQ Sauce & Spices
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media819WWelsh, ShanniFat Dragonfly Collection
Wood, Gourds, Furniture407WWest, JackEggtooth Originals
Jewelry406WWest, KarenEggtooth Originals Studio
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media515EWickell-Stewart, VickiVicki Wickell Watercolors
Jewelry803WWight, JanetJewelry for the Soul
Crafts for the Senses906WWilbert, Jessica & AdamSea Holly Beauty Company
Wood, Gourds, Furniture714EWilkerson, Mary & BobCreative Carved Art
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art903EWilliams, ThomasBayview Welding and Art
Jewelry905WWillson Perry, MollyMolly Willson Perry
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media811CWistrom, TimTim Wistrom - Fine Art Paintings
Photography520WWolf, RonMaple Hill Pix
Jewelry603EWong, CelesteCeleste Watch Co
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art418CZalkind, Susan & Hawkins, PaulAlabaster Gems

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