Preselected Booth Artisans

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At the heart of the Festival are 250 booth artisans who fill six blocks from 3rd Street to 10th Street on Commercial Ave. These artists come from throughout the Northwest and as far away as New York.

Each year the most popular artists are preselected, the remainder selected through a juried process based on quality, originality and marketability.

Robert Adamson

Island Art Glass
Booth 512E

John Akhtar

Mopilo Inc
Booth 715E

Ande Axelrod

Treats Designs
Booth 413E

Michael Barnes

Daydream LLC
Booth 815C

Michael Barnett

Michael K Originals
Booth 317C

Tina Barry

Tina Barry Designs
Booth 421E

Jennifer Bowman

Jennifer Bowman Studios
Booth 521C

Stephanie Burgess

Painted Peace
Booth 302C

Samuel Bush

Spirit Lala
Booth 818C

Betsy Cassell Thomas

Intertwined Designs
Booth 907C

Sue Coccia

EarthArt International
Booth 811E

Mark Cortright

Liscom Hill Pottery
Booth 319C

Marie Crouchet

MA Graphics
Booth 809C

Dian Dangler

Flippers Feathers Tails
Booth 814C

Lisa Dean-Erlander

Lisa’s Creations
Booth 620E

Barton DeGraaf

DeGraaf Fine Art
Booth 710C

Bob Delaney

Blackwaters Metal
Booth 407C

Jocelyne Doyon

CA Brille
Booth 720W

John Ebner

John Ebner Fine Arts
Booth 601C

Ian Ely

Ian Ely Fine Art Photography
Booth 520E

Geri Flynn

Booth 903C

Andrew Gilkerson

Ace Leather Goods
Booth 901C

Lijah Hanley

Lijah Hanley Photography
Booth 718C

Charlene Heilman

Designs By Char
Booth 310E

Cynthia Jenkins

Cynthia Jenkins Pottery
Booth 605C

John Johnson

Dog and Pup Glass Studios
Booth 720C

Andre Jourdan

MD Provence
Booth 519C

Cherie Keese

Bad Bee Jewelry
Booth 801C

Paulina Kriebel

Brie Kriebel Clothing
Booth 817W

Eric Langeliers

Langeliers Sculptures
Booth 606C

Jesse Link

Booth 705C

Kristy Lombard

Booth 315E

Jessica Lynch

Slow Loris Inc
Booth 521W

Terry MacDonald

Terry MacDonald Art
Booth 620C

Karma MacLachlan

Karmela Botanica
Booth 802C

Jason Napier

Napier Gallery & Studio
Booth 819C

Stuart Nelson

Elegant Garden Design
Booth 702E

Steve Nowicki

Shock-N-Awe Metal Works
Booth 501C

Jill Nymeyer

Bayside Treasures
Booth 611C

Paul Nzalamba

Nzalamba Artwork
Booth 503C

Stan O’neil

O’Neils Arts
Booth 421C

Eleanor Pederson

Booth 401W

Heidi Risse

Soapworks Studio
Booth 513C

Elisa Saucy

Saucy Jewelry
Booth 510C

Paul Sloan

Artwork By Paul Sloan
Booth 807C

Elfried Somberg

Hang In There
Booth 706W

Chaum Spehar

Northwest Goods
Booth 805C

Patrick Tutt

The Gourmet Potter
Booth 401E

Marlene Van Beek

Beaded Jewelry by Marlene Van Beek
Booth 701C

Randy Van Beek

Randy Van Beek Fine Art
Booth 702C