Tidecraft Turning Debris into Art

What can you do with bags and bags of marine debris?  Make art, what else?

Tidecraft is a new project for the Arts Festival this year. Four artists are working to create art pieces out of marine debris in an effort to bring increased awareness to the necessity of keeping our rivers, lakes and oceans clean.

The marine debris collection is a collaborative effort of the Northwest Straits Commission, Coastal Volunteer Partnership at Padilla Bay, Skagit County Zero Waste, and Arts Festival volunteers.  Stay tuned for a community beach clean-up day coming at the end of May!

After being sorted, the marine debris is being cleaned and then made available to the four artists to use in designing their artistic creations.  The artists will have their pieces on display in the Working Artist area at the Anacortes Arts Festival from August 7 – 9.  They will put the finishing touches on their work and be available to talk to festival goers about the project.  There will also be graphic displays about the impact of marine debris on our oceans and ultimately, us.

The Arts Festival is also planning on offering a “Art from Marine Debris” project for elementary school children in April around Earth Day.  The hope is that this project evolves over the next few years and continues to include more community groups and focus on community awareness.  If you would like to know more about Tidecraft or participate in some way, please contact us at:  events@anacortesartsfestival.com.