Permanent Collection

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In 1962, the Festival Board made a decision to start a collection of northwest artwork that would be a community asset used to promote the Festival mission. For 50 years the Permanent Collection has continued to grow and currently includes 67 pieces. Though the majority of the collection was acquired through purchase awards, it also includes fine art poster images and limited edition pieces used as awards in the early years.

While the bulk of the collection currently resides at the Festival office, in 2003 the Festival placed a large Max Benjamin piece at the new Anacortes Public Library, and plans are underway for additional pieces to rotate in the community. Thanks to the insight of early planners and participation of talented artists, today the collection is a legacy of northwest talent that includes the works listed below.

Interested in contributing funds to help with our Grants? The Festival is a 501(C)(3) organization – which makes donations tax deductible.

"John Lennon Chair" 2001 by Ries Niemi
“John Lennon Chair”
2001 by Ries Niemi
"Swamp" 1964 by Guy Anderson
“Swamp” 1964 by Guy Anderson
"Light and Trees" 1963 by Peter Jensen
“Light and Trees” 1963 by Peter Jensen
"Chicken" 1967 by Phillip Levine
“Chicken” 1967 by Phillip Levine
Mark Abrahamson1998Sweet Tea
Dona Anderson1968Parts of the Whole
Guy Anderson1964Swamp
Dorothy Barbee1976La Conner Night
Max Benjamin2003CCCII
Nancy J. Blake1979Rainment for Wall or Body II
Jeremy Bosworth2002Blue, Green and Yellow Incalmo Bowl
Colleen Chartier1978Tuileries
Bill Colby1965Homage
Joseph P. Crookes2001Young Nuns, Burma
Barbara Dahn1979Wellington State Quarry
Michael Dailey1966Abandoned Fortress Under a Yellow Sky
Michael Dailey1968Tide Flats, Early Spring
Yvonne Davis1977Heron Over Fidalgo Island
Eve Deisher2001The Honesty of Dirty Angels
John Dowell, Jr.1965Myoma Tomb
Howard Duell1966Proteus
Donald Ekland1975First Generation
Donald Ekland1975Second Generation
Jon Gierlich1973Untitled
Jean Griffith1975Raku Ware
James Hales1965Nancy
Roland Hurd1966Frontiersman
Roland Hurd1971Sleeping Beauty w/Dream Scattered Man Series No. 1
Hans Ittig1999Untitled
Norman E Jacky1965White Fish
Peter Jensen1963Light and Trees
Art Jorgenson1969Untitled
Margie Lee1978Beauty and Beast
Phillip Levine1967Chicken
Norman Lundin1966White Doe's Home Movie
Kay Magnussen1968Way Down
Alden Mason1969Monument Landscape
Phil McCracken1978Birds
Dorothy McGuinness2001Cathedral
K.C. McLaughlin1978Window #1
Ries Niemi2001John Lennon Chair
Herb Parsons1967Untitled
Herbert Parsons1979Island
Chauney Peck2003Untitled #1
Bodo Pfieffer1966Untitled
Bill H Ritchie1968N P Number 3
Rand Robbin1972Saul
Richard Sandstrom1969The Federal Government
Roger Shimomura1967Feb-67
Roger Shimomura1966Series 3, Studies 4 & 5
Robert Sund1977The Birds Are Going
Larry Tate1976Cortical Portrait
Sandra Westford2002Pears
Sandra Westford2003Small Poem 49: Blue Plate with Stones
John White1971Self Portrait by a Cage