Donate Now to Art in Anacortes

Great creativity often comes from challenging and turbulent times.  The Anacortes Arts Festival is working to continue to support artists, youth art and creative programs in Anacortes.  And, we are doing so with a really uncertain financial future.

We hope, if you are able, that you will make a donation to our programs.  We will use the funds to continue to offer free art kits to Anacortes students, during school closures.  Then, the funds will support art in schools and other partners in our Giving Back program.  Followed by overall support of the Festival and the artists, who earn their living by being with us in the summer for three days.

Your generosity will help us continue the important work we do to engage children in creativity and to support artists, who live here in our community.

Thank you for considering making a donation today to the Anacortes Arts Festival.  You can mail a check to our office or donate online here.