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Ceramic Butterflies become a youth artist installation

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The Festival is taking a new approach to our Youth Artist program this year by including Voices of the Children as our youth arts partner.

Voices of the Children organized one day of poetry, writing, film, and discussion and one or two days of clay-making projects with girls ages 12 – 18, from Skagit County and Syria.  The topics of discussion  were womens’ challenges in our local and global contemporary society including assault, emotional traumas, sexism, gender-conformity, family dynamics and bullying.  The resulting art installation, to be shown at Arts at the Port, is made up of individual ceramic butterflies – each one a colorful representation of hope.

Thank you to the following artists and teachers, who worked with students during the Spring – Sue Roberts, Treva King, Katie Waltons, Sherry Chavers, Chris Skinner, Heidi Herder and Courtney Mense.  In Azraq, Jordan, the workshop took place at the Azraq Refugee School taught by Asil Jabr and Khalid.

Voices of the Children is a 501(c)3 organization located in Skagit County.  Its goal is to empower future generations to realize a voice is a powerful tool for creating change in the local and global community.  It connects youth in different parts of the world – using the arts to explore real life issues.