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Jane Hyde
Jane Hyde

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At the heart of the Festival are 270 booth artisans who fill seven blocks from 3rd Street to 10th Street on Commercial Ave. These artists come from throughout the Northwest and as far away as New York, Florida and Arizona. Each year they are chosen through a selection process based on quality, originality and marketability.

Special this year – a preview of the 2021 Preselected Booth Artisans.

Complete listing of participating Booth Artisans and individual Booth Maps for specific locations.

For detailed information about applying to the Festival, see our Guidelines page.

Booth Artisans are recognized with $3,500 in awards. See all the Award Winners.

Booth Artisan Primary Media

Crafts for the Senses
Food Products
Metal, Sculpture, Garden Art
Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media
Wearables, Leather
Wood, Gourds, Furniture