Manieri Jazz Stage
Manieri Jazz Stage

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Look for an array of music and performance on three stages, offering FREE entertainment Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This year’s lineup will highlight local and regional talent.

Main Stage – 3rd Street next to the Hideout Bar. Lively music until 7 pm on Friday, 8 pm on Saturday and 5 pm on Sunday.

Jazz Stage offers a variety of softer sounds adjacent to Reunion Wine Bar between 9th and 10th Streets at the south end of the Festival.

Port Stage – look for a variety of performers at this stage at the north end of Commercial Avenue next to the Waterfront Pub and Arts at the Port.  Music runs late on Friday.

See the Guidelines for Entertainers to participate in the Festival.

For our Busker Activity see the Street Performer Guidelines.

Youth Activities

With the help of organizational partners, the Discovery Area offers creative art projects and activities for children. This vibrant area is a place to let the kids be themselves in a safe creative environment. This years activities include house building, music labs, quilting and lots of art.