Street Performer Guidelines

The Anacortes Arts Festival allows buskers and street performers into the Festival perimeter, who wish to share their talents with the crowds who come to our event. However, we do not engage in any formal contracts or compensation arrangements for this “street scene.”

If you choose to come to the Festival as a street performer or busker, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  1. We do have (and exercise) the right to move street performers/buskers who are interfering with our stages, vendors, or entry/exit points to venues.
  2. Street Performers may not be in the middle of an intersection on Commercial Avenue, causing congestion to pedestrian flow. They may set-up just to the east or west of crosswalks on any cross street that does not have Festival activity (i.e. of areas where busking is not permitted: Youth Area, Food Courts, Beer Gardens)
  3. We also set sound limitations to how loud buskers can be.
  4. Street performers must abide by local laws regarding busking, safety, etc.
  5. Street performers will respectfully abide by any requests or directives from Festival staff, security personnel or police.
  6. Anacortes Arts Festival does not assume any liability for street performer activities. All street performer activities are entirely at your own risk and responsibility.

The Festival map is available online for your consideration as you choose where to set-up.

Since there may be several buskers and street performers “vying” for the same high-visibility spots, we hope that performers will work it out amongst themselves in a mutually respectful way. Please note that if a particular area becomes too congested, Festival personnel may request that certain performers relocate to another area.

Merchant activity/vending (i.e. selling CDs, products, etc.) of any kind is not permitted inside the Festival perimeter or within a half-block radius of this perimeter. Any vending outside of this zone requires the usual business permits.