Funding Art in Schools

The Art in Bloom Auction not only brought a night of amazing art and good times, but it also brought good news for art programs in our schools.  The generosity of everyone in attendance led to a very successful fundraising effort by the Arts Festival Board, Staff and Volunteers.

We were able to raise enough money through a Live Auction, a Silent Auction of vases designed by local artists, and Fine Art Sales to fund the ASD Cultural Education Program for 2015 – 2016.  And, through commitments during Raise the Paddle, we funded a monumental collaborative art project that will take place in all three of our elementary schools this Fall.  Stay tuned for more information about Art for the Sky.  A total of almost $20,000 will be granted to art in our schools from our April Events.

The Arts Festival is committed to helping the Anacortes School District keep art and cultural education alive for our students.

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