Help Us Reach Our Goal

Thank you to everyone, who has donated to our fundraising campaign already!!!

We are working hard to find grants and other funding sources to help get us through this time, until we can meet again for our downtown arts festival.  For 60 years, the Festival has created a celebration of art that has become so important to the businesses, community, the artists themselves and all of the programs we support year-round.  Now, we need your help!

We will continue to create opportunities to celebrate life and art, any way we can.  Every donation, even $5, helps us sustain our non-profit organization through this pandemic.

You can see our goal and our donors by clicking here.  And, you can make a donation to the Arts Festival by texting the word: Anacortes to: 56512 or by going to the online donation page.

Thank you and we can’t wait to see everyone again!