Meet the Festival Artists

The Festival is proud to support some of our amazing booth artists during this crazy time. We look forward to sharing a little more about them & their art and how you can see more of their work online. Today, meet Lisa Dean-Erlander, Stephanie Burgess, Sue Coccia and Patrick Tutt:

Lisa Dean-Erlander

I have designed handcrafted jewelry for 18 years!  I was raised by an artist and have always enjoyed creating art, but it became a necessity for me after having three children in two and a half years (one singleton plus identical twins).  Parenting is joyful, exhausting, messy, exciting, and never ending.  Creating jewelry gave me a little space of peace within the chaos and a place where projects could be started, perfected and ended—unlike my other full time job!  I started selling my jewelry after my twins were born to pay for one day a week of childcare.  As my children grew, so did my business, and now 18 years later I have three over 6 foot tall sons and a booming handcrafted jewelry business!  I love to create with natural stones, sterling and fine silver, silver clay, all kinds of tools (I am such a tool-junkie) and my handy acetylene torch.  I continue to take classes, try new things, seek out inspiration in nature and keep my long term clients delighted with new pieces of my wearable art.

Stephanie Burgess

My name is Stephanie Burgess from Painted Peace.  I’m the gal that invented the Art Pole!  You can find my stuff all over the country, but for you locals I have a fantastic studio, gallery and boutique full of Painted Peace ware and just up the street in Bellingham WA.  Come visit me in person or shop on my online store.  I love my dogs, making art, the garden, pizza and hamburgers and my daughter.  Not necessarily in that order 🙂
Online store
Visit Bellingham Studio by appointment

Patrick Tutt

I’m Pat Tutt, aka: The Gourmet Potter, and have been selling my pots at the Anacortes Art Festival for 35 years! I’m the guy with the Dip Chiller/Warmer, Bacon Cooker, Omelette Cooker, Garlic Grater and “Party in a Box”.

Since all of our spring art shows have been cancelled, I am offering our same show special on our website that you have seen me do at the festival. Buy any combination of our $30 items and get four for $100!!! With FREE SHIPPING!!!   Hoping to see everyone in Anacortes this summer!

Sue Coccia

My animal spirit art is pen and ink with acrylics, with a message that we are all connected.