Pianocortes Comes to Life

In a playful, new public art project, the Festival and the City of Anacortes are teaming up to present Pianocortes.

In the Working Studios area at the Festival, artists will paint donated pianos and festival goers can watch these unique pieces of art come to life.  Three teams of artists have all conceptualized colorful and fun designs.  At the end of the Festival, the pianos will be moved to Commercial Ave, tuned – and left in their locations for the month of August, through Labor Day weekend.    During this time, the public will be encouraged to stop to play the pianos.  

The pianos will be a part of Buskerfest on August 28, where Commercial Avenue will be filled with street performers.  The fate of the pianos is left to be determined!  WE are considering a silent auction for them, storing them for next summer, or donating them to be permanent public art in Anacortes.  

Thank you to our Pianocortes artists:  Gustavo Vargas, Jeannie Yovetich Burham (her piano is complete already and is the one pictured in this post), and the team of Beth Smith, Anniece Kiersky, Molly Johnson & Wyndham Jackson.

Make sure to stop by the Working Studios area between 1st and 2nd, on Commercial Avenue, during Festival weekend.  Pianocortes is just one of almost a dozen exciting, interactive live art studios.