Showcasing Student Art


Next week, we were supposed to be putting together a Community Youth Art Show and hosting a fundraiser to support art in schools.  We are still working to find a way to do both of those things!  We will keep everyone updated about a possible new date for the Chance McKinney night and ways we are working to showcase student art at the August Festival.

For now, during the school closure, we would LOVE to see what art the students have been working on.  It would be great if pieces represent what’s happening in their worlds or their life on Fidalgo Island.  However, THIS IS NOT REQUIRED.  We just really want to see what everyone is up to!

If you are struggling to find projects for them, we’ve been posting a number of youth art ideas each week and there are lots of online sources to help you!

When they have an art piece they are proud of, we would love to see it!  Take a picture of them with their art piece and share on Facebook or Instagram with hashtags:  #showusyourartanacortes & #anacortesartsfestival.  Or, you can email it to us at