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We’ve asked some of our booth artists to share a little more about themselves and how you can find their work online….

Jennifer Bowman

Jennifer Bowman has been participating in the AAF for 17 years; originally starting out in watercolor. She is also one of the few artists to have two posters for the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. She created the 2004 poster image in watercolor. For 2020, Jennifer changed mediums to acrylics. As a teacher and artist, Jennifer believes everyone is artistic in some way; whether it is the presentation of a fine meal or the construction of a beautiful home. She notes, “Each of us is an artist, my talent just happens to involve paint.” Most of her work can be described as exciting to experience.

Her works appears in 185 galleries; private, public, and corporate collections, nationally and internationally; and in various publications: Washington’s Heirloom Birth Certificate, North-light Art books, and Europe’s largest art circulation Pratique des Arts. Visit to find out more.

She is also this month’s featured artist at the Scott Milo Gallery.

During the past month she has been creating videos to share her painting technique.

This is a 15 minute video recently finished about her.

April Ottey

From seedpods to sea urchin, from bark to blossoms, April creates jewelry that allows you to connect with and keep nature close at all times.  She casts directly from organic materials, into silver and gold, capturing their delicate and fleeting forms and textures.  She uses beach stones and ethically sourced gems and metals.

Since moving to Port Townsend in November, April has been enjoying walking the beaches and collecting.  Her new series incorporates beach stones and cast seaweed.

I also have some videos of my process if you would like to use those, you can see them on my website under my about page or at this link.

My website is:

Instagram: @aprilottey

Georganna Dean

I have always had a fascination for how our minds & emotions work and how we are influenced by our social environment.  So, in my mid thirties with 2 teenage children, I went back to school to study psychology.   After a pretty driven work load, I decided to take a “fun” class and ended up in a black & white photography class.

Well, that was an “ah ha” moment and a turning point that changed the course of my life dramatically.  I was immediately in love and thought “I’m really good at this”!  Thus was the start of a beautiful 35 year relationship with really “seeing” the world around us.

My website:

Phone # 831-737-8451

MA Graphics

Hi, We are “the girls” from MA Graphics. At present we are hanging out in Seattle, catching up on movies, gardening and painting the laundry room. Normally you would see us at many outdoor festivals, leading up to the best, the most awesome, the biggest, Anacortes Arts Festival. However this Shelter in Place, has us in our place!  We are hoping you all are safe. If you want, we’d love to do something more art related.  Visit us at, so we can show you what we really do for a living. We hand silk screen our Art on women’s garments. We would love to send you some!


Elizabeth Person

Elizabeth Person is an illustrator based in Everett, Washington. Using pen and watercolor, she sketches from life and creates “illustrative infographics” featuring Northwest themes and geography.

Her artwork can be found in shops around the Puget Sound, at northwest art festivals and in her children’s book debut To Live on an Island. She has served as a commissioner for the City of Everett’s Cultural Arts Department since 2011. Her love for maps originates from her tendency to get lost.

I grew up flying to the San Juan Islands in my Dad’s 1959 Piper Comanche 4-seat airplane.Seeing the world through an aerial perspective also inspired my passion for maps.

Instagram: @elizabeth_person

Facebook /elizabethpersonart