Festival Honors Past Board Members

Two Festival fine art memorial awards, and a musical tribute are being presented this year,  to honor two very special people who had tremendous impact on the Festival.  Both passed in 2016.

Richard Mitlyng was a Festival Board President for 15 years, also serving as our Production Manager for much of that time. He was an educator and musician who started a successful ukulele program in the schools, and later the community. He was a tireless Festival supporter and youth arts advocate.  A Ukulele ensemble will present a tribute to him on the Main Stage on Sunday, August 7 at 11:30.

Teresa Kolp started as a Festival volunteer and later joined the Board in 2010, eventually moving into the role of Board President.   She was an artist and writer whose creative passion was instrumental in the evolution of Arts at the Port.   Teresa also designed and executed the Art Gate installation at the entry to the Arts at the Port exhibition space.